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Electric bikes, or Ebikes are the biggest thing to happen in the cycling world since the chain! Here in the UK regulations mean that all power assisted bicycles are restricted to 15 miles per hour. However the law only applies to public highways and land so if you want to ride faster on private land or in competition for example you are well within your rights to derestrict your Ebike and enjoy the full 30 MPH plus.

Here at EbikeDongles we all ride and enjoy our electric bikes especial off road where we can get the full benefits from them. 

Our Tuning Dongles do not harm your bike, it was designed to do these speeds then restricted for UK law.

Although any alteration to your bike can void the warranty, especialy if you rewire anything, the motors that power Ebikes are sturdy enough to deal with the extra speed. In fact some are used in professional competion these days including motor cross ! Our favourite dongle doesn't even need any wiring or dismantling of your bike, just a quick add on.

With the advent of the removable dongles it is so easy to install you can ride to your chosen trail/competition on the roads then just pop the dongle on when you get there to enjoy your speed boost.

Imagine knocking out an extra couple of laps at your favourite trail in the same time, or getting up enough speed for a trick jump in a shorter distance, all possible with one of our devices.

German engineering for confidence and peace of mind.

All of our tunning devices are designed and built in Germany with the enevitable precision and quality you would expect.

To all of you, from all of us at eBikeDongle Store - Thank you and Happy eBiking!


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