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Rucksacks and Courier Bags

Rucksacs & Courier Bags
At AW Cycles you will find a range of rucksacks and bags designed for cycling and some with the specific demands of courier riding in mind. A rucksack that is specifically used for cycling will typically be made in an aerodynamic shape; narrower at the top and widening at the base.

Clever Design Features
Often the material used is strong enough to provide added protection, but also to help maintain the shape of the bag when fully loaded. This helps to make sure that the riders rear view over their shoulder is never restricted; a particularly useful feature when commuting in heavy traffic. The straps will also be well built and adjustable to hold the bag secure when in the saddle.

Comfortable Protective Padding
Other design features include padded strips on the back of the bag which provide protection and comfort to the riders back. These strips also create air channels, designed to cool down the rider’s back when carrying a heavy rucksack. We have a superb selection of back packs designed to carry your laptops. These holders protect expensive items from falls and crashes in a comfortable bag that can be worn on your back.

Off Road Riding Bags
Companies such as Fox, 661 and Oakley have a range of bags specifically designed for the needs of off road riding. These carriers feature Kevlar protection to look after the contents and the rider in the event of a crash. For bags with optional hydration bladders, more information can be found in the Hydration Systems section.

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