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Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes, eBikes, Pedalecs or Power Assisted Bikes it doesn't matter what you call them they have become the biggest growing market in the cycling industry with all the major brands bringing models out as well as many new dedicated manufacturers. The introduction of eBikes into the market is not just restricted to commuters, the first area to kick off, or green eco friendlies but now every cycling style from popping to the shops through full suspension downhill and jump bikes and as far as Road cycling, there is an electric bike for anyone.

Surely It's Cheating?

If haveing a lot more fun is cheating then maybe. These bikes are being used by;

  • Cummuters so they get to work with thier breath and less sweaty, 
  • Sports Men/Women to wram up and down from training.
  • Injured people use them for movility and rehabilitation.
  • The elderly use them to rediscover the pleasure of cycling.
  • Mountain bikers get more routes in less time done and have more fun.
  • Road cyclists get a harder cardio vascular circuit training.
  • We can all help save the planet a little.

See a range of ebikes at AW Cycles, they also do Free demo rides.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

This depends on the battery power, conditions and the mode you use but in gereral you can expect up to 60 miles on a full charge and using eco mode.

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