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How to Derestrict an Electric Bike

How to Derestrict an Electric Bike

There are various ways to de-restrict an electric bike each with its plusses and minuses. A good pedelec shop or cycle store can help you with information abouit this and your bike. Which one you choose depends on the make of motor your bike has and elements such as ; How easy do you need the instalation to be? or Is the true speed important to you on the speedometer?

The three main ways to unlimit your ebikle are;

Trick The Speed Sensor

This method involves using a device (Dongle or Tunning) in between the speed sensor and the magnet on the spoke to trick the bike into thinking it is traveling slower than it is, therefor the limit does not apply. This method is usually quick and easy to install only requiring a strong rubber band although some non standard bikes (Fat Bikes for example) may need an adapter plate to place the dongle correctly.  The down side the this tunning devices is that the speedometer will show the corect speed up to 15Mph then half so the limit is not applied. This meen after 15Mph you are not getting an accurate speed reading but this can be a benefit as well because the bikes computer thinks the bike never goes over the limit your warranty may still be intacked (No guarantee this is true, just likely).

Trick The Computer

All electric bikes have a computer on the handlebars to control the mode you are cycling in and see details such as speed, battery and distance. Dongles are available that are put between the computer and the motor or replace the computer entirely to re adjust the settings and therefor loose the speed limit on your electric bike. One great benefit to this system is they usualy also provide a method for changing a lot of the bikes settings not available on the standard computer. Instalation will be a bit trickier with this methos and your warranty will be voided but the speed reading on your computer will be accurate.

Trick The Motor

The last dongles fit in the motor bay and are the trickiest to fit. They work by adjusting the data sent from the motor to the computer and involve dismounting the cranks and motor side wall. Once installed these are the most camoflauged dongles with no evidence you have a dongle installed visible from the outside. 

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