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UK Speed Restrictions

UK Speed Restrictions

UK Electric Bike Law

There are very specific laws in the UK governing the use of electric bikes, here is a brief break down to make it easy for you;

  • Users must be over 14
  • Electric Bikes can be 2-wheeled bicycles, tandems or tricycles.
  • Electric Bikes must have pedals that can be used to propel it.
  • Electric motors shouldn’t be able to propel the bike when it’s travelling more than 15.5mph.
  • The maximum power output can not be more than 250 watts.
  • Electric Bikes must display power output or manufacturer of the motor.
  • Electric Bikes must display the battery’s voltage or maximum speed of the bike.
  • Electric bikes can be riden anywhere a normal bike is allowed.

Follow this link for full information from the Government Website


Why Use A Dongle Then?

The Electric Bike market has exploded recently opening them up to all sorts of riders, from occasional commuters to pro riders. All electric bikes in the UK are restricted to 15.5 Mph, you can go quicker but the motor will cut out and not provide the assistance any more. This means there is a need for people to unrestrict their ebike for use in competions and on private land. This is totaly legal so long as an unrestricted bikie is not used on public roads or paths or anywhere covered by traffic law.

Using one of the ebike dongles available on this site you can unleash the help from the electric motor up to 31Mph and more. There are various types of Dongle but you can break them down into two basic types;

 Removable Dongles

By far the most popular as they reduce the risk of loosing your warranty and can be removed quickly to make your bike legal again for use on roads. Usually held in place over the speed aensor on your bike with a strong 'O' ring they are very easy to install and remove when needed. Removable dongles work by telling the speed sensor that the wheel is turning less times than it really is which leeds to there disadvantage which is that the actual speed shown on the speedometer is wrong, if that is not much of an inconvenience for you then this is the dongle for you.

See the removable dongle available.

 Wired Dongles

More popular with pro riders this type of dongle is hard wired into the bike and involves some installation. Once installed you can say good bye to your warranty on the bike but it will show you the correct speed you are doing as you ride and will not fall off.

See the wired dongle available.



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